Most common issues

I need help with Business Catalyst hosting. Should I use this form?
No, this form is intended for In-Browser Editing-related questions only. For general Business Catalyst help, please check out the FAQ and support pages.
What features are being considered for future releases?
The top of customers' request lists currently includes adding text styling and managing slideshows more easily. We plan to address many of these issues with future releases over the next year.
I never signed up for In-Browser Editing! What username and password do I use?
No signup for In-Browser Editing is needed. The username and password for logging into In-Browser Editing are the same ones you use to log in to your FTP server.
My FTP Server has many users! Can I use any of them?
While your FTP server might have many users, we highly recommend using the same identity that was used to publish from Adobe Muse CC. Different users might have different folders visible on login, which can prevent In-Browser Editing from finding the files it needs.
When I try to log in I get a message saying the user/password is wrong. How do I recover my password?
Unfortunately, In-Browser Editing is unable to reset this password for you. You will need to contact your website administrator or your hosting provider to recover or reset your password and then try logging in again.
Why am I getting an error after entering my username and password?
If you're sure you are using the correct credentials, other possible causes for errors while logging in are that your FTP server isn't accessible from the public Internet, or that connections are restricted by IP address. Check with your ISP to ensure that your FTP server is accessible from any address.
If connections are restricted by IP address, you can allow access from the following addresses:,,,,,
These IPs are static and should not change in the future.
What protocol does In-Browser Editing use to connect to my server? How secure is In-Browser Editing?
In-Browser Editing connects to your server using the same protocol used to publish your site from Muse. So, if you published using SFTP, In-Browser Editing will as well. The web editor communicates with the In-Browser Editing server via an encrypted connection. We temporarily store your credentials, in encrypted form, for up to 60 minutes or whenever your session is over.
My website is hosted on Business Catalyst and now when I click Edit I get to In-Browser Editing. Why is that?
Business Catalyst Edit and In-Browser Editing have the same functionality when it comes to editing your website. Having In-Browser Editing edit your Business Catalyst website will allow us to deliver editing improvements sooner to our customers. See the following for more details.
At the same time, from In-Browser Editing you have quick access to the Business Catalyst Admin console via the "Manage in Business Catalyst" link at the top right.
Note: Websites that belong to a rebranded partner portal will not be redirected to IBE and will continue to use Business Catalyst's In-Context Editor which does not offer sync functionality with Adobe Muse.
My website is hosted on Business Catalyst and editing pages I created in the Admin Console does not work and changes don't get saved properly. How can I fix it?
While this is not a fully supported workflow, you can follow this guide to perform the HTML code adjustments so that In-Browser Editing will function well.
I'm trying to edit my Business Catalyst site, but every time I jump to In-Browser Editing I see an error screen!
Your Business Catalyst account might not have the correct permissions to log into In-Browser Editing. Specifically, to log in, your account needs the "Can use SFTP and File Manager" permission. A new role named "Edit with Ibe" should have been added to your site, which contains that permission. Ask your site's administrator to assign that role to any user who is having this problem.
Why do I get a "problem reading the file" error after I log in ?
After you upload via FTP, moving the files around on the server will cause a "file not found" error. If you need to move the site, upload it again from Muse. If the issue still persists, use the information in the error message (like the file name) and a standard FTP client to confirm that the file exists on the FTP server.
Why does In-Browser Editing say I need to update my copy of Muse? I have the latest version!
Make sure that you're using the latest version of Adobe Muse CC when you publish - it is possible to have several different versions of Muse installed at once. Also, try choosing the "Upload: All Files" option when uploading the site.
Why am I getting a message that says my site can't be found, or wasn't created in Muse?
Make sure the URL you're using is valid by pasting it into your browser and making sure that your site loads. If the site does not load, check the FTP path you've uploaded to and upload from Muse again. If the URL changes after your site loads, try using the new URL to log on to In-Browser Editing.
Why can't I edit certain elements of my site?
Some page items can't be edited due to technical constraints, though some may be available in the future. Items that aren't currently editable include: items on "master pages", text with certain special effects or fonts that have been converted to an image, Muse widget options, styling, "alt" text (tooltips) for images, background images, and SEO metadata for pages. Text on "master pages" can be made editable by enabling the "Synchronized Text" feature in Muse and re-publishing the site.
Parts of my site are password protected. Am I able to use In-Browser Editing?
Currently In-Browser Editing does not support editing pages that are password protected using HTTP Basic Access Authentication. In order for those pages to be edited through In-Browser Editing, password protection must be removed.
I made changes to my site using In-Browser Editing and clicked "Publish", yet they don't show up when I visit my site. Where did they go?
Your browser might be showing you a cached version of your site. To force it to load the updated site, browse to your site and then click CMD+R (Mac) or CTRL+F5 (Win). If that doesn't work, follow instructions for clearing the cache for Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Safari.
Where can I find the full documentation for using Muse with In-Browser Editing?
The full documentation is available on the Adobe Muse Help website.

To make sure we can respond promptly and accurately, double check that all the information below is correct and you've provided as many details as possible.
Our support team is only fluent in English, so requests in other languages are subject to the whims of Google Translate.

Is this site hosted on Business Catalyst?
 I don't know

If you have a screenshot, you can attach it here. Also, if you're having problems editing a specific page or element, attaching the Muse file can help us troubleshoot the issue more quickly.