Considerations when copying pages in Business Catalyst websites

Please note that editing pages copyied through the Business Catalyst admin interface is not a supported workflow.
This technical documentation is provided as guide in performing this operation.

Business Catalyst supports adding and copying pages within a website.
If the website is created in Adobe Muse CC, these pages will contain HTML markup that allows In-Browser Editing to perform edits on those pages.
When manually copying pages with the Business Catalyst admin interface, adjustments to the markup need to be made so that In-Browser Editing can edit the pages in a correct and consistent manner.

The ability to copy pages is made available by navigating to Username > My Details page in the upper right corner and checking "Enable advanced editing for this site".
Then navigate to Site Manager > Pages, select the desired page to copy, clicking on Copy This Page and Publish on the newly created page.
After copying an existing page created by Adobe Muse CC, please perform the following markup changes using the Develop tab editor or the Site Manager > Pages > HTML View editor.

Update the template attributes of m_editable tag to point to the correct .html or .tpl files


For a copy of page index.html called new-page.html

If such statements are present in the HTML markup, update all occurences of <!-- m_editable --> statements in the following way:

<!-- m_editable region-id="..." template="index.html" data-type="..." data-ice-options="..." -->
<!-- m_editable region-id="..." template="new-page.html" data-type="..." data-ice-options="..." -->

and, if present in the file,

<!-- m_editable region-id="..." template="page-templates/index.tpl" data-type="..." data-ice-options="..." -->
<!-- m_editable region-id="..." template="page-templates/new-page.tpl" data-type="..." data-ice-options="..." -->

If such statements exist, and there are occurences of the statement referring to the page-templates/index.tpl file, then create the page-templates/new-page.tpl by copying the index.tpl file using the Develop tab.


Please note that these statements may not appear in the HTML code, depending on the version of Adobe Muse CC and on the features used while designing the website.
In this situation no change is required when creating a copy of the webpage.

Also note that Adobe Muse CC will not sync back any changes made to copied pages, nor will it add new pages corresponding to them to the .muse file, via the File > Sync with Web Version functionality.